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Eligibility Notice/Refusal to Return to Work Form

Employers: Please use this form to report any suspected instances of individuals improperly receiving unemployment benefits. This may include individuals receiving unemployment benefits who decline offers of suitable work, individuals temporarily laid off from your organization who have declined your request that they return to work, or individuals who have not complied with your organization’s written policies. In addition to completing this form, please also respond to any requests for information you may receive regarding this issue.

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 4141.28, in order for your report to be considered credible and reliable, it must contain the following: a statement that identifies either a source who has first-hand knowledge of the information or an informant who can identify the source; specific and detailed information that may potentially disqualify the claimant; and the name and address of the source or informant.

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Please fill out the following with specificity:

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Do you have first-hand knowledge of the information/allegation contained in this Eligibility Notice?
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Please provide specific and detailed information about the eligibility issue and/or refusal to return to work:
If this is a Refusal to Return to Work notice, please fill out the following (if not, you may disregard):
Was your business deemed "essential," requiring your employees to continue to work?
If no, what date did you reopen?
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Date that work was offered to the employee
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Date of refusal of work
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Was the work (job duties, hours/shift, pay) the same as pre-COVID-19?
If no, please explain the change:
Does your business maintain health and safety standards recommended by the Ohio Department of Health during COVID-19?
If no, please explain:
Did you offer the employee the option to telework?
Please provide any additional details you would like the agency to consider:

We will review the necessary files and records in light of the information you have provided to determine the most appropriate action.